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Energy Savings Through Energy Efficient Products and Solutions


  • Stabilizers
  • Power Transformers
  • Control Panels
  • Energy Savers
  • Solar UPS
  • APFC Panel
  • Battery Chargers


Altair Electronics Limited established in the year of 2008. Since inception we are engaged in manufacturing and design of multiple technologies in the domain of energy. All our Products and designs focused on energy saving. Each technology is state of the art designs. All our Products are unique compared to similar products of any make.

ALTAIR having decade experience in manufacturing of industrial grade voltage regulator in balance type and unbalanced type all ALTAIR voltage regulators are highly energy efficient saves power and electricity consumption thus reduces energy bills month on month for entire life span of the product.

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Altair Electronics

What to Expect From Us

What you are also likely to find exciting about us are the close attention to detail on matters dealing with technology, infrastructure and a qualified team of employees, ready to meet your every need.

Keeping Up with Growth

Our search for the best possible services and products led us to take a slight break from the constantly growing market environment. Therefore, we took the time and got the right infrastructure and technology required for the better delivery of services.

Specialty and Expertise

infrastructure and a qualified team of employees, ready to meet your every need. Our gifted and qualified workforce has over the years spearheaded the success of the company, taking it to the heights it enjoys today!

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